At six o'clock the shadow of the windmill
throws its shade upon the grave
The cattle chew their cud and lowly lo
above the one we didn't save
The broken body buried there
beneath the sod we carried there that day
Though we hold each other so
behold the tiny brother quiet that way.
That way

At 6 fifteen the shadow of the oak tree
boughs her head across the grave
The windmill cries the Texas skies
have moved her once again to lowly say
Her roots the flowing waters reach
and murmur I will treasure yesterday
And standing here I gladly share
the falling rain that flows like tears away

The hand of time has felt its way across the land.
So ends another day
Darkness turns the shadows into night
& all who weep now turn the pray
Oh, let the tender of my heart
continue now to take the hurt away
For you in me and I in you sometimes
I don't know what to do I say.
I say

Naked came he to us. Naked now he goes
for naked was his way
Naked stand we at his mercy.
Naked, knowing everything we say
And so his store return to God,
his body now we learn is sod this way
T lesson hardly learned yet hardly earned
the joys we share today.